FPGA/artistic CPU development: 20:51 (2006.10.10:1 research#96 xxxxx_at_piksel_notes#47 fpga#19)

our components and architecture: Alice in Wonderland, the framed NAND, a mushroom (cloud) spacing, the grid with bottom right hand corner mark shifted up and right, seasonal software and CPU, also morning, afternoon, evening and night sections accessible, Salo circles of hell, Breughel proverb fragment, quotation,

circular memory and Atrocity exhibition instruction set.

off with her head instruction

from below also:

a) Large Glass - Duchamp. A mechanism (in space).

b) The boudoir/bedroom. A singular eye.

c) Simulated world (billiard ball universe). Kopf. Mushroom cloud neurons.

d) Doubling/ghosting of gates - twinned Alice CPU (also theatre and its double CPU)