instruction sets in relation 21:34 (2006.08.10:6 tech_notes#213 xxxxx_at_piksel_notes#13 research#54)

to open hardware - data sheet exposes instruction set and opcodes (trusted computing in all senses) - or a form of reverse engineering (for reality CPU?) takes place by way of (aural) experiment. from the instruction set we can extrapolate an architecture

by way of SICP:


"To design a register machine (a traditional computer) we must design its data paths (registers and operations) and the controller that sequences these operations.

data paths as diagram

state machine as controller (?)

5.2 a Lisp program that uses such paired descriptiuons to simulate the machine

see also p384/5 (data as programs):

[fill in]

and p343+ - streams as signals (for further research on piksel/xxxxx overmapping - simulation of RC network and analogue system in relation also to time)

quoted brackets used as representations, as numbers 21:27 (2006.08.10:5 research#53 tech_notes#212)

see Little Lisper p118+ (Friedman et al).

Read, Eval, Print 18:46 (2006.08.10:4 research#52 tech_notes#211)

For our Salo language (which should employ some meta-level of quotes and brackets itself).

for xxxxx_at_piksel:: 18:35 (2006.08.10:3 tech_notes#210 xxxxx_at_piksel_notes#12)

a continuous plane - or synchronous view of vertical (abstraction) hierarchy by way of overlap held:

1) FPGA (software)

2) Instruction sets - a transition or barrier for abstraction/ hidden

3) simulation (software)

using MJPEG with PCM as per below: 18:33 (tech_notes#209)

isisu avi2isis ~/titel2.avi /mnt/isis-salo

Could not open avi movie file /root/titel2.avi

from mplayer manual 12:21 (tech_notes#208)

(and raw PCM sound? - is -aoc pcm substituted below)

The same, but with MJPEG compression:

mencoder dvd://2 -o titel2.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mjpeg:mbd=1:vbitrate=1800 -oac copy