bookmarking again: 20:30 (2006.07.30:5 emacs#10 tech_notes#165)

but w3m bookmarking - using a and v keys for add and recall (very basic)

is not integrated with usual Emacs bookmarks which now work with planner after we load planner-bookmark.el

from tech_notes ::

C-x r m - make

C-x r b - retrieve

C-x r l - list bookmarks

annotate from this list using e - edit annotation

also bookmark-insert - insert full text of bookmark

and their integration with planner:

C-x r m after all done opens up a remember buffer with bookmark URL

( I to view image)

but integrates by way or URL -


1) shift from firefox to w3m (how to export bookmarks?) and learn new


2) make more use of local bookmarking and planner as notation system

(so untie from site updating)

that a schmitt trigger or circuit composed of 19:53 (2006.07.30:4 research#29 xxxxx_at_piksel#2)

can obviously be modelled or simulated in software

this relation of hardware and simulation (running on hardware) for piksel/research as it relates also to (an) interface

see also SICP p273: A Simulator for Digital Circuits

easiest way to deal with bookmarking in w3m/emacs/planner 18:39 (2006.07.30:3 tech_notes#164 emacs#9 research#28)

is M-x remember from w3m buffer (whatever we are browsing) to fill in link automatically as below:


but need to research further on Emacs bookmarks, w3m and planner integration - some stuff below already on tech_notes page

emacs, w3m web browsing, image display and bookmarking... 18:28 (2006.07.30:2 tech_notes#163 emacs#8)

[cpied from research but shpould cover soon...

[]- 15:03 (2006.07.30:1 xxxxx_at_piksel_notes#5 research#27)

that the interface can solely be a word, any form of signal under the sign of a protocol; no physical connection is implied.