GNU Emacs as multi-process-driven spider OSC-enabled to all PD and friends 11:52 (2006.05.17:4 emacs#6 tech_notes#128 five_software_acts#2)

with reference to Distel but we don't really want to dig into Erlang...

looking at http://fresh.homeunix.net/~luke/shbuf/ which allows for shared Emacs buffers on top of Distel....

client.server application with serveur written in Erlang

also Termite on Gambit Scheme

or even simpler is Paul Graham continuation-led code in lisproc.lisp to be investigated [attempt for panel module to wrap up with querying, speech and OSC/PD macro]

now multiple pages so emacs here as repository 11:34 (emacs#3)

GNU Emacs as central spider-like application within web of pluggable promiscuOS

emacs keyboard macros:: 15:12 (2006.03.02:1)

C-x ( : start recording
C-x ) : end recording
C-x e : playback

M-f forward word. C-f forward character
M-b back. C-b back

also just for record on:

c) emacs and frames:

C-x52 - make new frame from current buffer
C-x5o - move between frames
C-x5b - move to new buffer and frame
C-x5f - file in frame
C-x50 - delete frame

http://wingolog.org/archives/2006/01/02/slime 11:04 (2006.01.03:1)

some interesting slime stuff to note. also generic Emacs

M-/ expands text at point by way of dabbrev-expand

1) Emacs workout:

a) searching history in shell/minibuffer

M-r regexp : search back M-s regexp : search forwards

M-p and M-n just back and forwards in history

b) for some reason with this GNU Emacs 21.3.50-2 errors when try wiki-remote-get from wiki-remote.el

some problem with w3 so removed require for w3 (is now just w3m) and works fine

c) BBDB removal of records:

in BBDB buffer got record and:

M-x bbdb-delete-current-record

d) help:

C-h doesn't do help - does backspace

but we have:

(global-set-key "\C-h" 'delete-backward-char)

(global-set-key "\C-xh" 'help)

which solves al problems with C-x h as help

with following options:

k - keystroke describe

f - what does function do

v - variable

m - mode

b - current bindings

w - where is the key binding for this command

a - apropos

e) dired:

C-x d dired mode or simply open a directory with C-x C-f

f) Emacs Lisp: write sample function to cutn'paste Remembrance agent suggestions into the current buffer

g) bookmarks and annotation:

C-x r m - make

C-x r b - retrieve

C-x r l - list bookmarks

annotate from this list using e - edit annotation

also bookmark-insert - insert full text of bookmark

and their integration with planner:

C-x r m after all done opens up a remember buffer with bookmark URL

but can't seem to get to grips with annotations and planner:

seems like when do M-x remember from bookmark buffer the annotation is also inserted