1) flite - library 14:18 (tech_notes#34)

builds in different dir (Makefile complains also of missing lib on "make install")

so need to: cp build/i386-linux-gnu/lib/* /usr/lib

than we can wrap flite with pd-flite-0.1 and play with example patch-> text rendered to audio as buffer/table/array whatever

so we can have list/array of text and arrays of synthesised sound for cutups and timeslicing.

2) to begin to tie all elements together:

emacs->comint->pd: or to pf/pd as tom schouten shows:

(defun pf-buffer () (get-buffer "*pf*"))

(defun pf-send (start end) (interactive "r") (let ((buf
(current-buffer))) (save-excursion (set-buffer (pf-buffer))
(insert-buffer-substring buf start end) (comint-send-input))))

and at end

(provide 'pf)
or emacs->scheme impl->pd