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further events:

1] 22 march

xxxxx/world on a wire

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open call for no fee/free play OSC/Pd/ap on a wire participants for collaborative open air performance London 22nd March as part of xxxxx and node.l seasons

welt am draht projection

7pm setup 8pm opening

SPACE The Triangle 129-131 Mare Street E8 3RH London

RSVP/submit protocols/working plans to xxxxx@1010.co.uk


[apologies for late responses to earlier call - data is being recovered from server crash]

2] 18 march

ap, Mongrel and friends at the JelliedEel MediaShed March 18th 2006

start time tbc.

Free software isn't just about open applications, it's about exposed and extruded code, and a modular, highly constructivist approach to data; environmental code, physical code, tangible code. Code is data. Data is code. Code bends data. Noise to signal ratio over signal to noise.

As part of the xxxxx series of exploratory events ap, Mongrel and friends present an experimental one day workshop and evening performance event examining varying approaches to data bending and free software noise.

ap, forcing the extension of free software exposure in the wilderness of computational destruction, will examine base approaches to commandline tools such as cat, split and dd in relation to raw OS nature. After a brief introduction to their work, including abstract computation in the Californian desert, workshop participants can explore virtual machine tools created by ap including ap0202 and self. Piping data, shifting data, bending data means connectivity as we explore connections in the Unix world and beyond, introducing the highly versatile Pd (Pure Data) environment.

Code and network artist and co-founder of Goto10, Aymeric Mansoux picks up the Pd ball and runs with it, introducing a very physical dimension which will be further explored in his evening performance; data needs a real carrier, in this instance voltage. Voltage is readily transformed into sound by way of amplifier and loudspeaker. The concrete relation is clear, simple and beautiful. Noise.

ap, Aymeric, noise luminaries and physical coders from the UK free software art scene lead the workshop into an evening of free noise. Again the physical, again the real. The (new) medium surely isn't the message. Abhorrent concrete noise cancels out the signal to achieve only exposed systematics. Crash JelliedEel.

xxxxx. The crash that dare not speak its name.

xxxxx exposes a radical new space of collaboration and experiment, colliding highly singular scientific and artistic disciplines at the bleeding edge of theory and process.

Software seeps out from the black-boxed executable or bland desktop icon remaining unclicked, leaving the confines of mundane computer hardware, enabling gross scientific leakage for artists and introducing the ambiguous living equation of entropy; the redundant shell of software enforced by shrink-wrapped license is abandoned in favour of open code which makes violently plain the underpinnings of a contemporary culture engaged in the atomic project.

The hydrogen bomb simulations of Los Alamos National Laboratory heavily imprint the birth of computation with equations which equally well inform modern social modelling. The absolute annihilation embedded within the history of computation is made manifest in truly auto-destructive fashion; a blinding exposure brighter than a thousand suns.

Theorists, artists and coders explore this brave new terrain, mapping out with diagrammatic and concrete technique the novel descriptive means of software as itself an event, as substance, and as possible universe. Code morphs from tedious ledger manipulation into a lens to view the world, opening up vast questions of notation, process, simulation and execution at all levels.