ap0201 blog april 2004 11:29 (ap0201_blog#1)

30/3 wheeling in jet lagged frm LAX uptown to culver city office of CLUI, the Centre for Land Use Interpretation, http://www.clui.org on venice blvd, behind venetian brick ivy covered facade next door to the Museum of Jurrassic Technology - http://www.mjt.org/ - meet with their model maker/ curator eva, and she shows me round the workshop we'll be using clui's exhibition space currently dedicated to the LA transportation mangement system with live traffic scans, and state police server hack aswell as tech explanations of infrastructure systems - induction loops, networked signalling, etc

with matt coolidge from clui we study a map of clui desert research stations and likely sites for the placement of the embedded devices ap0201 - http://www.1010.co.uk/devices.html

31/3 to http://dangerouscurve.org gallery - downtown in molino/4th st. to meet with kathy and tim..kathy used to work in FSF with richard stallman, having trained at berkeley where she was taught a classic, purist form of programming...their PA is pretty small but we decide to perform on saturday night - april 3 as the ultimate act on their second monthly night of experimental music. they seemed very impressed by the .mov from ultrasound03, huddersfield from our main site

back at clui we recognise Lori, from next door at the jurassic museum...because she is the girlfriend of John Wiseman

1/4 concentrating on preparing for saturdays performance at dangerous curve - both record decks are made and tested with Mozarts Requiem in chinese - bought at the nearby branch of Goodwill, and now a new hitachi 15gb hard drive from the local venice blvd computer store enables martin to start work on the Sony Vaio, necessary for the video output...a problem with the embedded graphics card - ati 3d rage mobility pm is that it can't load the dri [direct rendering infrastructure http://dri.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/ used to create openGL implementations

the tecra and mini-itx epia800 both function fine after sorting out the stupid power cables with $18.....load gentoo + ap0202 on to another thinkpad this is the first time ap have relied solely on laptops, inevitable given the usual transportation/configuration issues, and all this preparation goes toward the bilbao performances just after this trip [april28/29 http://www.ciberart-bilbao.net/

still a little jet-lagged cos we still getting up at 5am.....days are long but punctuated by indy 103 fm..... starobrno beer tonight.....

2/4 continuing Vaio work > changed configuration file so doesn't use openGL, just SDL Cheryl comes by

3/4 epia800 [http://www.ultim8pc.co.uk/ /rf-bug/tests > ap buffer running quieter > rf transmitting higher freq. GPS [Magellan Meridian gps for desert, running gpsman/gpsdrive/gpsd http://www.ncc.up.pt/gpsman/ http://www.gpsdrive.cc/ http://www.pygps.org/gpsd/ problem w. finding way to save tracking image

we go to set up in gallery dangerouscurve.org > after a korean transvestites homecoming and classical electro-harmonies from two other performers we play a top heavy [not much bass on PA feeding in the chinese Requiem. the flattened video still had speed issues but kinda held its own. mexican youth think we're awesome, a poetess acuses me of serial killing, dr mungo wants us to look for him in all the cracks and crevices we can find....huh LA

4/4 go from CLUI pm after meeting john wiseman very briefly. gps slow to kick off but on Interstate10 does so......eventually get to DRS, Hinckley - set up..pull data down from the Magallen onto martins thinkpad using gpsman....and track drawing from LA to DRS is very quiet in desert . data for devices?

5/4 two of three device circuits ok so far, and the third fixed by changing diode..